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U.S. Army Special Forces - Training Certificates









this list is an assortment of the most common certificates ordered by Special Forces members












Special Forces Certificate of Service

Special Forces Creed personalized

Special Forces Officer's Course (2E-F8)

Special Forces Q Course

Special Forces Assessment & Selection new Q School 2006

Special Forces Medical Sergeant

Special Forces Weapons Sergeant

Special Forces Sniper

SOTAC Sniper

SOTIC Sniper

Special Forces Parachutist

Special Forces Jump School Issued Prior to 17 July 1983 all Groups available

Special Forces Jump School Issued after 17 July 1983 - all Groups available

SF Basic Scuba Diver Certification

Special Forces Combat Diver Certification

Special Forces Combat Veteran

Special Operations Command - Certificate of Appreciation

SOTAC Sniper

SOTIC Sniper


Ranger  School

Ranger Certification

Ranger Advanced Hand to Hand Combat Course

Ranger Certificate of Service

Sniper School 


Airborne Basic School 70's to Present

Airborne Advanced School

Airborne Special Warfare


Long Range Recon & Surveillance Leaders Course old Version


Reconnaissance Surveillance Leaders Course new course


LRRP Long Rang Recon Patrol & Surveillance Leaders Course


LRP Long Rang Recon Patrol Qualification

Recondo School

Pathfinder Course

Jungle Expert Panama

HALO Freefall School

Jump Master

Senior Parachutist

Master Parachutist

Parachute Rigger

Mountain Warfare Training


ROK Airborne School

ROK Ranger Badge Certificate

RVN Ranger Badge Certificate

RVN Recondo LRRP

RVN Jump Wings

German Jump School


MAC-V SOG Jump School RVN

MAC-V SOG PUC Certificate


MAC-V SOG Service - Generic


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