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DD-214 DD-215 and  Military Personnel Records Replacement

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To Replace your DD214, DD215, 201 Personnel File, Military Medical Records, After Action Reports and Unit Diaries use the DD214 link below

The Records Center in St Louis provides a free online service to replace your military records and discharge documents (DD214 and DD215

their turn around time for DD-214's and DD-215's runs (6 to 14) Business days

By clicking on the link below, you can submit an online direct request to the Records Center for your DD-214 or DD-215, you may also request your 201 Personnel File documents and Medical Records.  

You also have the option to download form SF180 and file by mail or Fax.

Be very specific with your request and provide as much information as possible, this will help speed up the process considerably.

 This is a free service provided by the Federal Government

DD-214 / 215 Request

Ron Hindman, the Director of the U.S. National Archives and Records Administration informed me today (26 November 2007) that DD214 and DD-215 requests take only 6 business days to process, and when a hardship is indicated such as VA Loan or VA Claim, this can be expedited.

For documents in your 201 Personnel File, (with the exception of those files lost in the 1973 fire), their turn around time is from 2 to 3 weeks.

In many cases those files lost in the 1973 fire can be partially reconstructed however this can be a timely process.

I am presently fighting with the VA on my disability claim, and have been requesting individual documents over the past 2 years. The Director and staff at the Records Administration have been working very hard to speed up the process, and based on my most recent experience, they have succeeded.


Also use Form SF180 to request a replacement of all your Medals, this is a one time free service also provided by the government.

National Records Center SF180 Document Request

Clicking the above link will take you to directly to the Records Center web site where you can fill in and file your form SF180 request.

Hiring a Personal Researcher for

After Action Reports and Unit Diaries


Unit Diaries are housed in Archive centers specific to the individual service branch and not part of the National Personnel Records Center Library.

If you are unable to physically do your own research, You will need a professional Researcher to obtain these documents on your behalf contact Lyon Research.

This service can be invaluable when dealing with the off campus archive centers that are maintained by the various service branches.

You can file online or give them a call.

contact  LYON RESEARCH     (703) 560-3922


One of the problems with the 201 file is the quality of the the micro film. This problem is common to Vietnam Veterans files, where many of the pages in your file were either purged by your service branch prior to going onto micro film or were of very poor quality by the time they were scanned into micro film back in the late 70's.


Lyon Research also can obtain Unit Diaries and After Action Reports, these documents can be extremely valuable when filing or appealing claims with the VA.


Good Luck,

Semper Fi,