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Shithole Country Service Medal Award Certificate

For Military Service in a Shithole Country

this is a (2) Document Package, includes Medal Certificate and Criteria


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Shithole Country Service Medal Criteria

Designed for Veterans who served in places around the world that we considered at the time, shitholes.

I served in Vietnam, it was a shithole. War zones have a tendency to be shitholes.

Prior to the war Vietnam was "the Pearl of the Orient"  From the sea entering Vietnam and again from the air leaving Vietnam it appeared as a beautiful country, but for the Boots on the Ground it was a vary different situation, it was a shithole.

Fortunately today Vietnam has again regained its status of the "Pearl of the Orient.

I mean no derogatory harm to the people of these war torn countries, I am referring only to the living and environmental conditions that were experienced by most of the "Boots on the Ground".

I created this certificate because I know that it will put a smile on many faces, and at the same time mock the "Fake News Media" for concentrating way too much time & effort on what our President says, and not what he is actually doing!

This web site is dedicated to those of us who Served to protect the Right to Free Speech, Freedom of Religion and the Right to Bear Arms.

If this offends you, like it does the Far Left, the Pussy Media and some of our Congressional Members,

Get the hell off of My Web Site!




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